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Do you need help with regard to a job dismissal or termination agreement?

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In Switzerland, an employer neither needs a specific ground to terminate an employment agreement nor is he supposed to discuss the planned termination of the job with the employee before.

However, in certain cases such as illness, motherhood or military service a notice of termination may be null and void or may prolonge the notice period.

The dismissal by an employer may also be abusive. In such a case, the employee is entitled to receive a compensation (be aware of the legal requirements and time periods to be adhered to!). The same applies to unjustified dismissals without notice.

Employees should know the legal requirements and time periods to be met in order to prolonge their social assurances after termination of the employment relationship. They also should know the consequences of a termination with regard to their residence permit status.

Termination agreements need to be checked by a lawyer. They are risky for employees as well as for employers.

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