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Information Purposes

Our website is exclusively intended for information purposes, only. We reserve the right to modify or update the content of this website without prior notice. Although care is taken to ensure the published information's accuracy and validity, no guarantee is given as to accuracy, precision, reliability or entirety of this information. Advokatur shall not be liable for the use of any information on this website.



The search for information on this website or the entering into contact by email, contact form, phone or otherwise does not already constitute a mandate with Advokatur Villiger.

We do not provide services to individuals in the EU


Data Privacy

We handle your personal data and protect them in line with the applicable laws and regulations including the regulations for Swiss lawyers to keep records. Our website is encrypted. Upon your request in writing the email commmunication (only) between you and Advokatur Villiger may also be encrypted. In this case, installations on your computer are required. 

Nevertheless, the unauthorised access, interception, manipulation or deletion of personal data by/through cyber crime (hacking, virus, malware etc.) cannot be excluded, and we disclaim any liability for damages of any kind related thereto. 

The personal data we receive from you when you communicate with Advokatur Villiger by phone, email, contact form or in personal meetings will be recorded. The data will be used to take steps at your request prior to entering into or for executing a mandate and will be recorded as long as it is required to fulfil the purpose and as settled by the Swiss law (normally 10 years). 

No tracking software (such as google analytics etc.) is installed on this website. We record logfiles such as your IP-adress, time, date, browserrequest, referer, browser's version, system's software or other general browser information in order to meet the requirements of Swiss law or to debugging in case of fault. For the contact form the Google-captcha software is installed which stores temporary cookies in order to reload your data entered in the contact form in case of fault or to prevent spam. The data entered in the contact form may be delivered to USA. You may deactivate cookies entirely or partly in your browser settings. However, this may impair some functions of this website.

Our Swiss email and webhosting providers have its servers in Switzerland.

We link our website to third party websites such as Google Maps. Please consult the Data Privacy Statement of Google LLC to learn about the use of your data by Google LLC. Please also consult the data privacy statements of other third parties. We disclaim any liability regarding the data handling by such third parties and the content of third party websites.

For any questions regarding the data handling by us please contact Tonia Villiger: villiger(at)ad-voca.ch. See also below adress.



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Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Swiss law including Swiss civil procedure law is applicable for any disputes arising in connection with this website or with the services of Adovkatur Villiger. The court of the place of business of Advokatur Villiger will have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any disputes arising in connection with this website or the services of Advokatur Villiger.