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Do you need help with salary, bonus or sick pay in Switzerland? How does sick leave work under Swiss employment law?

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What is a bonus in Switzerland?

In practice, employment contracts often contain imprecise or intransparent salary or bonus provisions. The term "bonus" does not even exist in Swiss labour law, so the meaning of the term "bonus" must be analysed on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the outcome, an employee is either entitled to a certain bonus or the payment of a bonus is at the sole discretion of the employer.



In addition to salary and bonus payments, allowances and benefits for employees, as well as work tools such as the use of a company car, also need to be carefully regulated and drafted. In certain circumstances, allowances may turn out to be normal salary, e.g. if the allowances are too high.


What about sick pay in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, salary in the event of sickness/disability is often covered by voluntary paid sick leave insurance (e.g. 80% for 730 days with waiting period). If there is no paid sick leave insurance, the duration of the sick leave pay depends on the number of years of service and ranges from 3 weeks to a few months.


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