Swiss Reference Letter | Work Certificate

Do you have questions regarding a reference letter | work certificate in Switzerland?

We analyse, draft, negotiate and legally proceed before court your reference letter / work certificate under Employment Law in Switzerland. Get in contact with T. Villiger, specialized Employment Lawyer and Attorney at Law via Tel. 043 535 00 85 / villiger(at) or Internet. We are looking forward to helping you.

It is highly recommendable to directly engage an Attorney at Law (not only a legal consultant) which can provide you continuing support through all steps - analysis - negotiation - legal proceeding (where needed). 

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What is a Swiss reference letter / work certificate / testimonial 

Testimonals / reference letters assess the performance of the employee and serve as a basis for future employers to evaluate a candidate. You should know the real meaning behind frequently used, assumed positive phrases (codes). Every word matters. A single word may change a reference letter as a whole. 


Do employers want to see reference letters?

Reference letters / testimonials are still important in Switzerland and should make part of every CV / resume.


How do we proceed?

First, we analyse your reference letter carefully (CHF 160 inkl.). In a second step we amend it individually in accordance with existing interim reference letters and performance reviews and, if necessary, we conduct negotiations or go to court. We also phrase / edit new reference letters after having assessed the individual employment relationsship and existing performance documents. 

You may contact us via Tel. 043 535 00 85 / villiger(at) or Internet.

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